Cleveland Browns Shouldn’t Hinder Johnny Manziel’s Development By Starting Him Too Soon

Updated: June 23, 2014

With Johnny Manziel’s captivating pictures of his social life taking the media scene by storm, it is time to get back to football for the Cleveland Browns. Soon, Browns fans will finally stop reading about the offseason partying, and be reading about the training camp quarterback battle between Manziel and Brian Hoyer.

Starting Johnny Manziel too early could hurt his development.

Starting Johnny Manziel too early could hurt his development.

The popular choice for the fans to start the season is Manziel because of his flashy play and electrifying ability to keep plays alive. However, that doesn’t always translate into success at the NFL level. When taking a look at the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL that would qualify with the term mobile, they all use their legs as an out.

Quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson have the ability to sit in the pocket and leave when they absolutely must. That is when they are at their best, scrambling to extend plays or take off.

In college, Manziel failed to display a true pocket presence and would often bail out after only one read of his receivers. He is in for a rude awakening at the professional level if his trends continue.

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Manziel is obviously a captivating player, but the right move for the Browns at this point is to allow him to truly learn the NFL game by sitting as long as possible until they feel he is truly ready to be a starting NFL quarterback.

Clearly, there is concern with Hoyer as well as the starting option. He has to be fully recovered from his knee injury that cut his season short last year. He also needs to prove he has the ability to sustain good play for more than a short string of games. Hoyer has the brains and the work ethic, but Browns fans are concerned about his ability to be a long-term option.

Hoyer makes for the perfect bridge quarterback right now for the Browns. He can start this season and if he plays well, he could surprise people and win some key ball games for the Browns. On the contrary, he can start the first few games up until the Week 4 bye week and be “reevaluated” to see about the rest of the season. The magic number should be 2-1 for Hoyer to hold on to the job if he is in fact the regular season starter week one.

Unfortunately for Hoyer, the fans will be chanting Manziel’s name after every mistake. This will not make things easy for him, but fans need to settle down and let the situation play out. Hoyer is the best option for the Browns this season. Manziel is not ready to take on the NFL game, and sitting a rookie quarterback for a year is not always the worst option if the team wants to establish consistent winning, which the Browns are.

It is time to realize Hoyer is the best option for this season and allow Manziel to greatly benefit from sitting and learning the NFL style. Manziel is clearly the future of this team, otherwise he would not have been drafted. Therefore, the Browns can’t afford to put him out there too soon and hinder his development by him getting rattled early in his career.

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