Cleveland Cavaliers Christmas Wish List Focuses on Good Health and a Christmas Miracle

Updated: December 24, 2013

As many of you have noticed, the Buckeye State Sports staff has been putting together some fun Christmas Lists for fans of the teams you follow. This edition focuses on the Cleveland Cavaliers, as Senior Writer, Bob Evans, and Cavs Writer, Wade Foley, each give you three Christmas wishes for the Wine and Gold.

Feel free to leave your wishes in the comment section, and Merry Christmas from Buckeye State Sports.

Wade Foley, Cavs Writer

Good Health

My first Christmas wish for the Cavaliers is that they stay healthy all season. Health has been a major problem for the team in recent years and it would be disheartening to see this season completely derailed by another big injury. Anderson Varejao has only played in 81 games over the previous three seasons, Kyrie Irving has dealt with numerous injuries and let’s not even start with Andrew Bynum. It’d be great to see those guys, along with the rest of the team, stay healthy for a full season.

Consistency on the Court

My second wish is for this team to play with consistency. The first quarter of this season has been like a rollercoaster as this team tries to grow and mesh together. We’ve seen them win some tough games at home (Denver, LAC and Minnesota) and then fall apart on the road (Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte and Philadelphia). My wish for this team is to close out 2013 with a winning streak and go into 2014 playing consistently good basketball.

A Christmas Miracle

There have been a few worrisome subplots to start this season, and my last wish is that these will turn around soon. It’s been fantastic to see Irving being himself again over the last couple weeks, so next I’d like to see Bynum get his touch back. He’s only shooting 43 percent on the season and the Cavs have yet to truly learn how to effectively incorporate him on a regular basis. Also, it’d be a relief to see Anthony Bennett earn some more minutes in the rotation and resemble anything close to a number one overall pick. I haven’t given up on this happening, but that might truly take a Christmas miracle this season.

Bob Evans, Senior Writer

More Minutes for Bennett

As Wade touched on in his final wish, the time has come for the Cavaliers to give their No. 1 overall pick more minutes. Whether it is at small forward or power forward, you cannot expect him to suddenly learn the game and get touch back on his shots playing less than 10 minutes per game. It may be frustrating to watch at first, but his ability to score in a number of ways was why the team drafted him—so give him a chance to score.

Patience from the Fans

Alright, so maybe this one isn’t directly for the team but it can only help the product on the floor. Many Cavaliers fans are so quick to want to toss players to the trash—Dion Waiters last year and Tristan Thompson the year before that—that they forget these are kids experiencing the NBA game for the first time. It is tough to preach patience to a fan base that is tired of losing, but unfortunately when you are dealing with a team full of youth that is exactly what you need.

A Scoring Small Forward

Pardon my usage of his name, but the Cavaliers haven’t had a small forward capable of scoring since LeBron James took his talents to South Beach. The duo of Alonzo Gee and Earl Clark doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of defenders, so it is important the team finds a viable scoring option at the small forward position if they hope to make a playoff run in the 2014 portion of their schedule.

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